Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Scot
Flannagan McCord is the best monster hunter in all of Scotland. He is determined to purge Scotland of all of its monsters. Several years ago, his village was ravaged by monsters. His family was taken away as well. His ultimate goal in life is to defeat the loch ness monster, as the beast is said to guard a treasure. It is said that this mystical object will grant a hero whatever his heart desires. With it, Flannigan plans to see his family again. He travels the land with his talking mount, a mystical tartan ram named Haggis. Flannagan’s blacksmith, Eògan, (YO kan ) comes up with crazy new weapons for him to use against monsters in combat. The demon, Teàrlag (Char lak) is the main protagonist, and she will stop at nothing to keep Flannagan from completing his noble quest. She wants to see the world of man fall in ruin to the monsters.

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